Monday, October 14, 2013

A New Journey Of Prayer

Once again I find myself standing on the threshold of revival as we gather and pray for a mighty movement of the Holy Spirit!  What the Lord begun at Noarlunga, He continues at Cranbourne with a prayer of dedication for the opening of our new 24-7 Prayer Room on Sunday, 13th October 2013.  

This journey of prayer has taken us personally into exciting places of discovery as we have dared to call upon the name of the Lord to reveal "great and unsearchable things we do not know," and now takes us corporately on an equally exciting journey as we unite together as the body of Christ and pray for revival.  The opening of the prayer room at Cranbourne Corps postures us before our God by setting aside a sacred space for powerful, purposeful and prevailing prayer!  

“The degree to which we are convinced that all real growth is ultimately a supernatural process and are prepared to act upon that belief, will be directly reflected in the priority that we give to corporate and personal prayer in the life of the church.” - Dr Stuart Robinson

As tomorrow marks the beginning of a brand new journey of prayer, may it also be the beginning of the transformation our church and a revival in our community as we commit to pray for the salvation of our city!
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