Saturday, April 30, 2011


“In a Northern Chinese city in the last 10 years a few worker pastors have planted 400—500 new churches. Their secret? Continuous 24-7 prayer. Chinese Christian leaders say the reason the number of Christians has increased in the last six decades from approximately 600,000 to the government’s 2008 estimate of 130 million is due to two pains—persecution and constant kneeling in prayer. Read “Divine Conversations” and be encouraged to believe that God could do the same where you live.”
Dr. Stuart Robinson, Founding Pastor, Crossway Baptist Church

“You must read this book. It is alive with the Spirit of God sweeping through a group of believers from many churches who united together in response to a vision of what God could accomplish through prayer. They discovered the mighty, transforming power of prayer for themselves and for others. It’s like a scene from the book of Acts, but set in a modern suburb in South Australia, and alight with the same fire-power and faith to achieve wonders in His name.”
General Eva Burrows AC (Rtd), Former International Leader of The Salvation Army

“I’ve truly enjoyed fellowship with Captain Robert Evans over the last few years, and know him to be a man who has a genuine passion for prayer and community impact. You will be blessed, encouraged and equipped through the content of this book.”
Pastor Danny Guglielmucci – Senior Minister, Edge Church International

"Jesus promised that God would bring about justice when, day and night, prayer is raised to him (Luke 18:7). 24-7 Prayer is a powerful initiative of the Holy Spirit on the earth today, helping the people of God to do just that. Countless Salvationists around the world are participating in this night and day cry including the Noarlunga Corps in Adelaide, Australia (Southern Territory). As you read this book you will join the Cloud of Witnesses (Hebrews 12:1) surrounding the Noarlunga Prayer Room. You can expect to meet God there, where He makes Himself at home in the House of Prayer."
Lt. Col. Janet Munn, The Salvation Army International Headquarters, International College for Officers & Centre for Spiritual Life Development, UK

“Prepare to be amazed! Let God render you speechless with answers to prayer recorded in this book! As the Onkaparinga Combined Churches journeyed together and participated in 24-7 Prayer, they discovered anew that prayer generates power!

“Divine Conversations” tells their journey of discovery and the powerful possibilities of prayer. The stories of answered prayer recounted in this book are wonderful, but the greatest miracle of all is prayer itself. The astonishing fact is that God has made a way through Jesus so that we can come into his presence and converse with the Creator of the universe. The staggering reality is that the God who fashioned the earth “while the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy” (Job 38:7) longs to spend time with us! 24-7 Prayer gives this awesome opportunity.

My prayer for this book is that it will make you desperate for more of God and that with the Psalmist you will thirst for the Living God and discover the Living Water.”

Major Judith Bennett, author of “White Cloud Soaring” - an adventure of faith. The story of 24-7-52 Prayer in The Salvation Army, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory.

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